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It started with a missions trip to Camden, where my life and perspective were changed and where this blog began. Life has been a roller coaster filled with its ups and downs and I'm excited for the adventure and discovering what God has in store, even though I really dislike roller coasters... I am a Lady in Waiting...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lady in Waiting... Feed Me Some Free Dinner

So I've been reading a few Christian books for myself and for a church bible study about sexual and emotional integrity, and becoming the right woman for Mr. Right and blah de blah...

Well, while I am reading those books I am learning a lot about myself and a lot about others. Men suck. Not all men, but dating is an awful thing. Like who really invented it and all these rules and non-rules are just confusing.

Coming from a Christian university... dating didn't exist. Hardly, and I don't think that the lame school dances and hanging out watching movies with boys count. What about real dating and the excitement of getting to know someone new and that they intrigue you and so you want to go out with them again, until you realize they are really awesome or not so much.

So before I started reading all these Christian books over the past two or three months, I joined eHarmony back in January. Why not? After talking with several friends, they question was really why not... so I did it... if anything I could get a few free dinners to cover the cost of my membership! I was up for something new and after having two friends who have each met their boyfriends and now husband for one and soon to be fiance for another... I thought shoot, what would it heart to meet a guy who actually knows what he is looking for ( or so I hoped for).

Well, I don't dislike or hate eHarmony but I just don't think it has entirely been the right timing. I am (thank you Christian literature) really enjoying my single time because it is allowing me to be super involved at my church now and giving more time and focus to God.

But here is some of my criteria if I will "close" a match with you...

1) You are shorter than me.
2) You have other girls in your photos that aren't your sister... and if she is your sister, it better say it in the description...
3) You smoke or drink excessively. I am the girl who doesn't want to marry a "man" like her father, thank you.
4) You say you're a Christian, but don't mention faith or God anywhere else in your profile.
5) A majority of your pictures are taken of you in a club with a drink in your hand.

Like I said, having come from a Christian university my dating was very limited and I swear the guys from my school weren't men... but boys. It's like comparing one of the seven dwarfs next to Prince Charming, you may be laughing, but I am serious. Take a senior boy from APU and put him next to a guy from UCLA... I swear it's something in the water. Boy verses man and I want a man.

But there has definitely been a lack of man on my past two dates... yup, here is where I tell you all the little details about the dudes I recently went out with.

1) I thought it was a great date and I think you are still awesome although sorry dude, you have now been crowned jerk by me and all of my church friends. We went out to dinner and he hit everything on my list and took care of everything I was nervous about and we had so much in common it was so awesome, a little crazy/creepy having that much in common with a stranger. Actually not so much a stranger because we have a handful of friends in common. Let's just say he never called or anything after and it would be no problem if we didn't have friends in common and that if anything I thought we would be friends because he's a cool guy. But now I'm done with you after running into you while out with friends twice and I feel it's awkward and I emailed you asking what happen and it has been almost three weeks now... yeah, now I think you are a jerk and I feel bad that you have behaved like a little boy and that you don't know what you want although you're six years older than me and to my knowledge never had a girlfriend. Well, honey, you just lost your chance at one.

2) Christianity is extremely important to me, as is chivalry. And you did not pass that with flying colors. And a little too geeky. Dont get me wrong... I love me a geek, give him glasses and some scruff then he might as well propose right now. But although conversation was fine, it was great and there lacked a spark...

Oh well.

My current belief (thank you to one of the amazing pastors at my church) is that as I am running towards Christ and moving more and more towards Him, I can look around and see who is by me and has been able to keep up and those people or men are the type of person or man I should date! :)

Well, that is my ish on dating and other such related things...
My desire for myself and my heart is to be so lost in the heart of God that I man has to go through him in order to get to me!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

California Drivers... Really Now?

Dear California Drivers,

You suck. Granted, I am a California driver and I am part Asian... but some of the recent happenings while driving have caused me to wonder, where did you get your license, or at least how?

1) Driving home from the beach with friends, I was about five miles from home on a one-way where the speed limit is about 45. This girl is about 1/4 of a mile in front of me and I see her stop in the middle of the road, as I continue to approach I honk... because I'm coming, it's late and I want to get home and why the heck is she stopped in the middle of a one-way highway and then she proceeds to back up. Really, are you really in reverse now and trying to parallel park? In her attempt to get out of the way, which she could care less about she parallel parks into the front end of this white truck, like BAAM!!! I don't think much damage was caused because the following morning I didn't see any scratches on the vehicle or a note on the truck...

2) When there are cars behind you traveling about 30 mph and you decide to turn, please turn on your turn signal letting me know that I have to break and to save myself the trouble of getting frustrated because you don't allow me to react... also, if turning not only should you use your turn signal if there are cars behind you (if they're aren't, I'm really not concerned) but also is it really necessary to stop dead and then turn... Remember there are cars behind you travelling at a normal speed and then you stop dead... hello!

3) I can see you talking on your cell phone... and I'm pretty sure a cop can too. At least mine is on speaker and in my lap verses you are still holding it up to your ear. Unless you have P.Diddy tinted windows I and the rest of the world can see you talking on your cell phone with it up to your ear and I don't think your hand is resting over your ear. It would explain your bad driving. Also at night... our phones glow... just FYI! So even more so, a cop can see you texting.

Wow, California, you never cease to amaze me.

On a happier note, I left me car unlocked at a resort in Palm Springs, oops. I think I need a new battery in my clicker because the range is less. In the distraction of changing parking spaces outside and rushing to get into the car with the other girls I walked up to my car the next morning unlocked. So good job moral citizens of the resort and Palm Springs. You made me proud.

Wake up, California.