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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Words of Affirmation

I’ve taken the love languages test multiple times and words of affirmation is not one of my top ways I give or receive love. However, I believe men and especially children deserve and need words of truth and love. I did not grow up with positive words that were poured into my life onto a continual bases; things like: you are smart, you are beautiful, we are proud of you. I’ve had to fight the words of the world that are negative and work through a lot of self-worth over the years.

I know now that I am beautiful, I am made in God’s image and I am loved by an everlasting King and Father. I try to instill words of beauty and worth into our orphans here at the mission because they don’t have parents to do that; let alone brothers and sisters within the orphanage that offer such affirmation. Sometimes they thank me for my kind words, other times you can see by the look on their faces that they don’t believe the words I am delivering. 

There are most days where I am good at this and I remember to try to be affirming the children continually. But there was one day that I was not so great. I was walking through the village with one of our orphan girls, treating her for a one on one at the One Stop for some quality bonding time. There is a teenage girl, of about twelve or so, that we pass in the village. She is a mean little child, most times as we pass her by she pinches us extremely hard or is really rude. Today was one of those days, she ran up with her mean spirit and look, and you could see she wanted to pinch me. I gave her a mean look, she then stood there and called me fat. In return, in English and in Creole I called her ugly and kept on walking. I honestly didn’t feel bad, as she does not need to have such a bad behavior and she really physically hurt me last time she snuck up on me and pinched me. As we walked back by after the market, she ran after me attempting to pinch me hard… I quickly moved my hand away and shouted NO! at her and shook my hand. It might have been a bit dramatic but I hope that it got the point across.

Looking back, I wish that I wouldn’t have said such mean words. She probably is not affirmed ever, so she has developed a calloused heart to those around her. She pinches others to receive any sort of attention, which just isolates her from others wanting to greet her when they pass her in the streets.

Lord, I pray for this little girl. That she would come to know who you are, that your sweetness would infect her soul and spirit. Lord, I pray that she would know that she is beautiful and loved and created in your image. I pray that I will continually use words to affirm others, lifting them up to know you more. May I reflect your light and love continually, even when someone is rude or mean. Allow me to always shine your light, that it may never grow dim.

Thank you Lord for the little lessons you continue to teach me.

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