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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Little White Lie

Here is a post from the beginning of November, I forgot to post while I was in Haiti:

The Little White Lie

We’ve all told them right? You say yes, but don’t really mean it or know what you’re agreeing too. You say it without meaning it or thinking about it. Even as Christian’s were all prone to the little white lie. For me it used to be agreeing that I liked something before I had the chance to really process if I did, or saying yes so that someone will like me. Have you seen that one scene in that one movie? Oh yeah, totally. But I hadn’t. Even know I have a time not answering what someone wants to hear verse processing and answer what the truth I desire to give.

I think as we grow into more mature adults and especially as we become more spiritually mature, the white lies should happen less. As we discover who we are and what we stand for, we can confidently answer questions with certainty. Sometimes I think the white lie comes out of insecurity, the worst however is when you are caught in the white lie.

As Christians, we are called to call each other out, in love. I recently found myself wanting to call someone out and attempted to, but then they lied. I not only watched them lie, but I witnessed what they were lying about. It’s frustrating because I couldn’t call them out because I couldn’t do it in love, it would have only been in frustration and may have come out hurtful. So I sit here, praying that they learn. Praying that their white lie doesn’t affect others or that the lie doesn’t affect how another person or their work is viewed.

As much as I want to even go into detail here, on my blog… I think the spiritual growth and maturity within me is saying don’t. Just pray.

So that is all.

I pray that we don’t lie and that as we learn and grown in Christ and in age that we discover who we are and we can stand up for ourselves and admit when we are wrong. Instead of leaving a little white lie, I pray that we have to confidence to stand, ask for forgiveness and learn and move forward. I pray that I can always choose to walk with dignity, to learn from my mistakes and to act only in truth and love.

And yes, it is true I haven’t seen a majority of any sci-fi related movie, especially Lord of the Rings and Tron. I apologize if I once said I did and made you think I was cooler than I am. Ha.

Good day and good night (sounds cooler if you just red that in a British accent).

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