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Monday, January 21, 2013

January Birthday Celebrations

For me... January has always been a really difficult time of the year because there are all of these hopes and expectation of the new year. We have goals and excitement for what the year will bring. For me, however January is always a difficult month because it is marked with my birthday.

One would think that January is an exciting time of the month... what's better than celebrating you. Often times, year after year it is marked with disappointment because my plans always revolve around other people. But Jenn... this is your birthday... it should be about you?! You would think... but it's surprising how often we want to find a medium to please everyone in our lives.

I've tried the whole do whatever you want... it's your day. That day was left with people not RSVP-ing and me changing all of my plans to accomadate the other people and last year it led to me sitting in LA... by myself seeing my favorite band. Sad right? But don't feel sad for me... maybe this is a great way for people to love the people in their lives and remember... to try and give them that one day a year... just one.

One year... all of my "friends" forgot my birthday... even a friend who I'd known for eight years. Another year there was a huge group of people and my dad paid $100 off the total bill... instead of making sure my meal was covered, everyone quickly wondered how much less they could put in.

Even this month has already been extremely difficult with a reminder of why January is really hard.

Last week I had my grandpa pass... unexpectedly. I had an extremely busy and difficult week at work... and then I ended the week with a break up with a guy I had been dating. Rough right?

Then because of the break up... all the plans that I had made for my birthday... excited for going out of town with friends... had to be changed. Thankfully I have a great group of friends who have been more than sweet and supportive amidst rescheduling thing and taking me out for dessert to cope with the break up and losing a family member.

This year... for the first time in a few years... despite these things I'm praising God still for all of the great things He is doing in my life.

He provided me with a amazing volunteers to help make work less stressful as we were doing year-end giving statements.
He helped me to end a relationship with someone who He didn't want me to be with... a man who was not everything God would want for me in leading our relationship.
And he provided me with a great source of friends as well.

So for this year for my birthday... I just asked for a dinner with my youth kids.
So I invite you to join me... at church... celebrating with the kids I love so much and invest in at church.

We are having a "potluck" dinner... so come join us... we will sing worship, eat amazing Filipino food, and slightly celebrate me...  (message me for info. on joining)...

Did I mention... my birthday happens to fall on National Chocolate Cake Day... my favorite...

Your presence and an amazing hug would be just the greatest gift... did I mention my love languages are quality time and physical touch...

However... if you feel so inclined... you can bless me in the following ways...
1) Donate money to Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.

2) I will gladly ask of gift cards to my favorite places to help me as I am budgeting on a Dave Ramsey budget...
-Jamba Juice
-Coffee Bean
-Old Navy

3) Plan a lunch or coffee date with me.

Thanks for your love and support!!!

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