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Monday, February 13, 2017

An Open Letter to My Fellow Single Sisters...

Dear My Fellow Single Sisters-

It’s okay if today is hard because you realize today that you’re more single than ever. To me, it’s just another Tuesday night. I didn’t always feel that way.
But I want you to know that I feel you and I get the difficulties of singleness and I want to apologize to you on behalf of maybe some people who have hurt you. I want to apologize to you because you deserve to be apologized to.

I am sorry if this holiday has made you more aware of your single status.
I am sorry if you feel you like the last one in your friends group to get married or to even be in a relationship.
I am sorry for the friend or two that might have neglected your friendship because they are now in a relationship.
I am sorry for all the bad dates, you’ve had to go on in hopes of “putting yourself out there”.
For all the times that someone asked you if you tried online dating and they proceed to list every site that they can think of and occasionally throwing in JDate for laughs.
I am sorry for the friendships that ended when someone got married because their life now changed and they feel that you don’t understand or no longer have time.
I am sorry for the church’s whose emphasis has been put on women’s ministries where you felt like the only single person. For the ministries that made you feel less than if you weren’t married or didn’t have children. Or for the church’s that never spoke about singleness or catered to the needs of the single person.
I am sorry for the all the well-intentioned Christian men who might have led you on in friendship or relationship.
I am sorry if you ever felt the need to prove yourself and your value or worth to a man, for the times that you felt you had to go above and beyond to get his attention.
I am sorry if he didn’t reciprocate the feelings but took advantage of the attention you paid him.
I'm also sorry if he never learned how to communicate with you, especially if he is no longer interested.
I am sorry for every time you have heard, “you’ll meet him when you least expect it” or “I can’t wait to meet the person you marry”.
I am sorry for the times that you just have to nod and smile when family or strangers ask, why you’re still single.
I am sorry for the times that you might of masked the difficulty of singleness in satire.

You know what though, singleness doesn’t have to be lonely. You’ll be okay, you’ll survive this season. It can, if you allow it, be the most joyous season and a season where you learn and grow the most. Every season God takes us through is one of growth, learning, and surrender, grace and love. Sometimes godly love, self-love, and love with a man in relationship and eventually marriage..
So my dear fellow single sister, I applaud you for all that you have had to to endure during singleness. I hope that you embrace this season. I praise you for the strength that you posses to live each day out of your heart and soul status not your relationship status. It’s just another Tuesday, go eat some tacos and watch This Is Us!

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