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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Qq = Queen

Qq = Queen
To be a queen is a longing of my heart, but let me explain. I desire to be a queen, but before you are a queen you are a princess. I am a princess, but not in the spoiled and lofty way one may think of. I am the Father’s daughter, His princess. I desire to be in love and to be loved and to find my prince charming, so on and so forth. But before my prince charming of “human form” this is my Prince, my Prince of Peace and lover of my soul. He longs for relationship and I long to be in relationship… with Him above and before anyone else.
I have been going through this amazing book (recommended by my life group ladies) and it is my Prince’s love letters to me. It is beautiful. We look to God as our king, but we also have the view in the relationship as His bridegroom. It is more than just to have an intimate relationship with my Father… but also to have an intimate relationship with my Lover, the lover of my soul. It is a desire to that we be so in love with Him through both views.

I began going through this book “His Princess Bride” by Sheri Rose Shepherd before Peru and it really helped me while was there and currently. It is an amazing feeling to feel loved, especially when someone gives you a note of encouragement or even a love note. When someone professes their love for you, I can only imagine what that will one day be like. But this book is filled with those note and love letters of compassion, desire, encouragement, and praise. The letters are scripture based as well. I’ll have to find one to share. But for the meantime, I love those letters because they are eternal and everlasting and they are pure and intimate truth from my Creator and my Love.
I have love letters written on my heart for God and for my Prince. But I plan to begin an actual journal and book of love letters and prayers and desires to my Prince about my prince. I will write of my prayers for him and desires for our love to be centered around Him and for our marriage to be a representation of the Lord’s love for the church. It will be filled with the longings and desires of my heart for my future relationship and husband. They will be letters to Him. But I one day plan to give it to my prince charming who will have been provided by God and who will love the Lord as much as I do, if not even more. This book will hopefully be an encouragement to him and a symbol and bookkeeping of God’s fulfilled promises that have been placed on my heart. It will show that I’ve been praying for him and about him, before I even knew who he was.
For now I shall be a princess, a lady in waiting… waiting to be queen and walk hand in hand with my king, loved by our King.

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Shanda said...

You ARE a princess...and will one day be a wonderful queen! haha..I was queen on Q day! love you