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It started with a missions trip to Camden, where my life and perspective were changed and where this blog began. Life has been a roller coaster filled with its ups and downs and I'm excited for the adventure and discovering what God has in store, even though I really dislike roller coasters... I am a Lady in Waiting...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tt = Testimonies

T is for Testimonies

We arrived at the church around 9am for service. The service started at 9:30am, but with Peruvian time it didn't really start until 10am. We started with some worship songs after we got to pray in small groups with some of the church members. After we sang worship in Spanish (which is beautiful by the way), Jeannette and Ariel shared their testimonies.

It was beautiful to see my team members share the lives with the congregation. Ariel went first and Jeannette translated for him and then she did her in Spanish. You could really see that the congregation was connecting because some cried and some sighed in agreement or sadness in the storeis. Afterwards another member of the congregation spontaniously got up and shared his story and the work that God is doing and shared about the love of God in his life. It was so beautiful. Then Mark got up and shared the Gospel, in Spanish. You could see the congregation moved by his words, God's words. The they did an "altar call" and six people and a baby in tow, came up to give their lives over to God. I teared up and had chills to see the work that God was doing through our team.

It was beautiful to sing in Spanish- to sing out to God in another language but still feel His mercy and grace and love.

I think testimonies are such a beautiful thing because they are love letters. Our life and what God has done in it are the love letters that He has written to His people. I want people to read my letter and to see what God has done. God desires for us to spread His Word and I think the easiest and most beautiful way to share our love and our testimony and to share God's love is through our life... what has happen, how has God moved and worked, what have I learned and why do I live the way I do? My life is a testimony of God's grace, mercy, love, forgiveness.

So friends, let us testify to the good work of God. Let us share our stories and desire to live our lives for Him so that we can be His perfect letter and that it is beautifully written because of how we live our lifes in pursuit of Him and as an example of desiring to be His disciples.

"4-6Every time I think of you—and I think of you often!—I thank God for your lives of free and open access to God, given by Jesus. There's no end to what has happened in you—it's beyond speech, beyond knowledge. The evidence of Christ has been clearly verified in your lives." -1 Corinthians : 4-6

I hope that this blog gives light to the life I live and how God is a light in my life.

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