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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He Is There In Pursuit

He was in pursuit of her. He sought her out.

Her name was Sam, at least that what I call her to give her personality or rather she deserves a name. She was the woman at the well but I think she was more than just some woman. Ashamed because of many of her choices, there she stood at the well. She wanted to be unseen, so she traveled out to the well during the hot and blistering midday sun because it was then that she could be unseen because no one traveled out during the heat. Most women went to the well in the coolness of the morning or evening because of the weight of the jars filled with water. She carried more than just the weight of water jars however. She felt shame and disappointment in herself. She was mocked and ridiculed daily because of her history, because of her past.  The physical pain of the heavy water jugs during the midday sun must have bore much less than the weight of hurtful words and constant stares had she gone with everyone else. But He was there. He sought her out.

He simply spoke to her and asked for a drink of water. He was different. There was no judgment or ridicule in His voice, no condemnation. He met her there and she listened. She let Him speak into her life. He met her there a midst, maybe, one of her loneliest moments of the day.

It reminds me that He is there. He is in pursuit of me. He is there in our lowest moments when we feed into the self-doubt and self-pity that we inflict upon ourselves, or that we allow to be poured out onto us.

Although He is there, He wants us to realize it and seek Him and be in pursuit of Him.
He is waiting for me and you to come to Him because He knows all that I am going through because He has been there all along. Through every moment, He has there. He was present.

He is there when we are going through the motions of life and when everything seems like a blur. He is there when we are afraid to move forward and don't know what the next step will be.

He is there when we criticize and doubt ourselves. He is there with others criticize and doubt us.

He is even there a midst the endless days of chores, phone calls, to-do lists and wondering if we will find any meaning in monotony.

He is there when we feel ignored, belittled, and alone.

He sees out hurt and pain through the rejection and disappointment, yet He still pursues us and offers perfect love.
He offers a love that is fair, patient, and kind. He keeps not record of our wrongs or He never throws them back in our faces later. He offers forgiveness and restoration. His love will never disappoint or give up on us.

Knowing all this... can we stop what we are doing and talk to Him?

Can we offer Him more than just a sip of water, but can we offer Him our heart and our whole life for the rest of our lives?

He is there waiting and wanting to listen.

Dear Lord,
I thank you for pursuing me and seeking me out a midst the clouded judgment of myself. I want to know you more and only rely on you each and every day. I desire to live with Your love and to feel secure within it. Help me to know that only You can comfort me. I pray that I not fall prey to the lies of the enemy that await in the corner ready to attack and attach the lies to my heart or to my wounds. Help me to rest in Your arms and in Your word daily. Help me to remember You are ALWAYS there without judgment. I shall not fear because You offer endless love and forgiveness.
In Jesus' Name,

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Shanda said...

As much as He sought out Sam, He is seeking out YOU and loves you so much. Praying for you my sweet, lovable friend.