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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition comes to Camden!!!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition comes to Camden!

Although most of us had heard the new unofficially, we found out today! Billy Joe and his family were featured in the 20/20 Special on Camden back in January and they were nominated and in the running to have a house built for them, after talking with Urban the deal was almost set in stone. The stipulation of being apart of the show is that your have to own the house/property and the Marrero family did not, but Urban had an empty lot that they donated so that the family could have a home built.

The whole process has really been amazing and the end result was amazing. With the show at headquarters things have been hectic because we couldn’t go there unless we were volunteering.

Saturday, we went to the beach and hung out… my whole group all got sunburned but it was a nice break from all of the chaos of the week.

Sunday was the unveiling of the house and choir got to sing for it as well and we sang three songs so maybe they will be featured on the show in November during sweep weeks when the show will be shown as the season premiere- 2 hours long, so watch it come November!

Later on we had our normal Sunday night, but we all cried a bit because the last week is approaching us and two of the interns will be leaving early and when Chris made an announcement he was all teary eyed and then we all began to cry a little and then Nina sang and gave some thank you’s and encouragements to all the interns.

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