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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Story of a Man

Joining Jackie with The Way I See it Wednesdays: I'd like to share the story of a man

We know the story of a man. A man named Jesus that changed it all and the beauty that laid within the sacrifice and love. I think even more beautiful are the stories that happen because of Jesus, the stories of people's lives that were changed because they came to know Jesus and learned of His love. They allowed Jesus into their lives and He forever changed things.

The story of Jorge is one that has touched my heart and I will forever remember it. It began with missionaries Ricky and Traci working in Cusco, Peru and impacting the community above the hills of the city and the plaza. The started a children's ministry and met this family who became involved. The family was small and the sons began learning of Jesus and worship Him every Saturday ministry service through music, games, and a lesson and craft. They began to know Jesus and as the church grew they began a Sunday morning worship service. The two young boys attended with their mother, but the father refused. The father could see his kids changing and his family possessing something grand and beautiful.He felt guilty though because he was living in sin.
Jorge's son learned to play guitar after being mentored by Ricky,.

Jorge would go out with the boys partying at night, but his actions were not known or were ignored. A lot of alcoholic and sexual abuse happens in the city, but is often ignored. Most of the time he would come home late drunk. He worked as a waiter and struggled to support his family. A lot of times he would even spend several nights with different women and would cheat on his wife Yenette. This it hit him, he realized he would be denied.

He began reading the bible and read 2 Timothy 2:12:
"If we endure, we will also reign with Him; If we deny Him, He also will deny us". 

He didn't want to be denied, he couldn't stand the idea of being left behind or of not being the father and husband he knew that he could be. He accepted Jesus into his heart and life and miraculous things began to happen. Without a 12 step program, he quit drinking alcohol. He began attending a bible study at the missionary's home and it expand so much through his story and and through the ministry that he began leading it at the church. As he volunteered and worked at the church, he began realizing that he wanted his life to be dedicated to God. He quit his job; as he gave them a resignation letter, they called him crazy for quitting to follow God. But God had bigger things in store because Jorge began attending seminary in Cusco and began working for the church. The church now helps  to support Jorge and he is making more than he did at working at a restaurant.
Jorge and his family. 

The way I see it, it takes one seed to be planted for a life to be changed. One story, one dash of grace and testimony and love. His story gave us the opportunity to live and love, His story becomes our story, and makes a beautiful story of love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace.Our story can change lives because His story changed it all.

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