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Thursday, July 5, 2007

I AM LEARNING TO DANCE! Heck Yes!... One Goal for the summer down!!!

June 5th, 2007

Greetings Family!

At this current moment, I am sitting listening to beautiful music in a Barnes and Noble in Moorestown, New Jersey. Surrounded around me are some of my favorite things, a hot white chocolate mocha, Urban Promise Interns, music above me, and BOOKS!!!

Today was quite a nice day, had camp which went well and then basketball practice. My girls did so good today at practice, one of my girls went from being really intimidated to wanting to play by the end of the day and then some of the girls taught me how to dance! Haha! One of my goals for the summer is half way complete, they taught me how to “walk it out”, “lean wit it, rock wit it”, and then how to “pop lock-it”. It was amazing and I am so getting the hang of it, and then tomorrow for Bible Buddies they’re going to possibly braid my hair… another goal almost complete. Holla! I am so excited!

We did laundry tonight and it was quite fun and kind of expensive as well. But now, I got the hang of which washer to use and such to make my laundry cost effiecient! Ye-ah!

Until next time,


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