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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Week 4


Today was actually a good day of camp, we didn’t have any trouble with the kids. I am the floater this week meaning that I help where I am needed. So I helped in art, we did a picture scavenger hunt showing relationships in the pictures. Some of the kids had some trouble getting into it, but the older boys did the best job. It was fun and then we hung out at Urban Promise for most of the evening. I also watched Forrest Gump with a few of the interns- it was so nice because it was just fun to relax.

Prayer: Please pray for healing of my body, I’ve been sick for a few days now.


We had our swim day moved up a day because of one of the soccer tournaments for the little kid camps. So it was a good day because of swimming and then we had a nice big house dinner and then we hung out at headquarters and I made a cake for Mike’s birthday (one of the guys in our house), his birthday is on Wednesday. We then had a dance party in the dinning room and hung out and then had a massage party. The evening was pretty much amazing.


Today was a very busy and hectic day at camp, it was just hard because it was just this humid weather and we didn’t have very many fans in the classroom. I helped in art today, the kids made tie-dye t-shirts and we also made a picture collage from the pictures of the kids from Monday. After a very hot and exhausting day, we headed home to change and then we went to the staff lunch.

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