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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dd = Dating

D is for Dating
Dating in and of itself is a foreign concept to me, possibly even a foreign language. It is like me and my attempt to learn Spanish right now; I wish it was easy and that I could better understand it and even interpret it. Yet I am still learning and hoping to understand it without trouble and let it flow into a perfect sanction of knowledge (I’m not even sure if that makes sense, but it sounds lovely). Dating is exciting to me however because in it there is adventure, mystery, and intrigue.
Coming from a Christian university... dating didn't exist. Hardly, and I don't think that the lame school dances and hanging out watching movies with boys count. What about real dating and the excitement of getting to know someone new and that they intrigued you and so you want to go out with them again, until you realize they are really awesome or not so much.
I take dating very seriously because I am not dating for the sport or fun, but I am dating to marry. My emotions and heart are a beautiful thing and they are not to be toyed or played with, forsaken, or meant to be trampled on in hopes that someone better will come along. I am not saying that dating cannot be fun or have job and excitement in it, but I am not going into it with the idea that I am getting a good dinner. I am also not saying that I need to know if you’re my “soul mate” within the first date as well. Something Pastor Jeff said this weekend, stuck with me.. that is that a soul mate is something that is cultivated.
I feel like so many people’s relationships or marriages fail because Christ is not at the center. There is a lack of communication. I have heard so many people talk about how they have been dating for x amount of time and so marriage is the next step. But is it really, have you evaluate your sacrifices and evaluated your hopes and goals for the future? Dating the “right” person should be about the next step being in relationship and then marriage. While the wedding is great and grand and beautiful and fun; it should more of be about the desire to spend the rest of your life loving someone and it being an example of the way Christ loved the church. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for my wedding and to be married but at the end of the day I want it to be about the man who is holding me hand and kissing me goodnight.
Before I depart you my fellow bloggers and readers… I recently went on what I will call a date, more of a lunch with a male friend who I think is attractive, sweet, and funny and also wouldn’t mind getting to know better…but he did what I hope other MEN would do when pursuing a lovely lady like myself. I suggested coffee and asked that he upgrade it to lunch because it’d been sometime since we last chatted or hung out, plus point. He was stuck at work and running late and I have a designated lunch period so he offered to bring me lunch to work and he texted and called before our meeting time to tell me the situation. We walked to lunch, where we proceeded to eat at a little bistro and discussed music, life, and our dreams for the future and or desires. The conversation was a little equal and we both shared and talked and threw questions at each other for equal amounts of time. It was all just the way it should be and so easy going and natural, it was great to be paid attention to for just an hour even if it may or may not have been only as friend. A good’ol hug and well wishes to finish it out.

Until we meet again, and trust me this topic will be coming up at least one or two more times in this A to Z Challenge.

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