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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ff = Future

F is for Future

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

I believe in my dreams and they are beautiful. I have dreams of a successful career, dreams of traveling, dreams of being in love, dreams of being married and starting a family, dreams of loving and serving those in need, but every day I must lay those dreams down at the foot of the Cross. I lay down those things because I want to follow and be doing God’s will. While I do believe that each of those dreams will be fulfilled and come from Him, I do believe that He will fulfill those things in His’ timing according to His will. There is nothing that I can say or do to make those things happen, well, actually there could be tons of things I COULD do to have those things and those dreams in my life. However, they would not be blessed by God in the way that He desires. I think that laying down my dreams and desires is a sacrifice because what-if one of those dreams isn’t achieved or isn’t brought to life, but I cannot live in the what-if. I can only live in the now and present and knowing that if anything, I would be following God’s will by laying down my desires to follow His direction. While the thought of not having the husband, kids, and white picket fence with a cute and faithful dog at the foot of the bed scares me, I do know and believe that God is faithful and I believe that if I am following Him then He can bring that happiness and joy that does not need to be found in those dreams and desires.

So I leave tonight with a prayer:
Dear Lord,
You know the deepest desires of my heart. You know my desire to show your love through marriage and to be an example of you to my husband and kids. But Lord, I give you him and them and I know that you will fulfill my heart with your joy and love. I desire to serve and love you with my whole heart, to have my cup overflowing with your love and knowing and feeling your presence. I desire that you would take those desires, as hard as it is to let go of them, and that you would light my heart and desire for you on fire. I pray for your love and mercy and grace. I pray for patience in waiting on you in all things. I thank you for your love and sacrifice. Help me to sacrifice my dreams and desires daily in order to love and serve you more.
In your presence and Holy Name,

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Shanda said...

And so, today, I pray that God will give you the desires of your heart.