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Friday, September 13, 2013

A Beautiful Place To Be

Beautiful Place to Be

Today (September 13, 2013) I found myself painting for several hours in the Miriam Center’s Bird Cage. Some of the children found it amusing as they would sit and stare or just sit outside the cage and watch me.
One little girl that I have made a connection with is Roselore. Roselore came to the mission the mission about two years ago. She used to have seizures all the time and as of recently she hasn’t had any in months. The left side of her body when she first arrived did not function- and she lost the ability to walk. Now you find Roselore running around the mission, with a sassy attitude and giggling like crazy.

Today and like every day I have been here so far I pushed her on the sings in the morning. She speaks some English and shouted, “Push please, push please”. So I pushed her for almost ten minutes this morning.
After lunch as I was painting we were listening to Tyrone Wells, my favorite artist. One thing I love about music is that it can transcend and speak through all cultures. As one of my favorites came on, I began singing it to Roselore and she began dancing.

One line goes:
ABC, it's as simple as can be
123, baby you've got me
So I don't know my right hand from my left
Green light go, and I'm standing still
Red light stop, I keep going 'til
I don't know just what I should do next
Stuck up on this crazy ride
I'm all jumbled up inside

As I sang “stuck up on this crazy ride”, Roselore looked at me with an upset face and said “I not crazy”. I just laughed and said “No, no it’s the song”.

Amidst our Tyrone Wells music hour we then began listening to “A Beautiful Place To Be” and Roselore would sway back and forth to the song. She then realized the song said beautiful and she caught onto the song quickly and would slightly sing along to the chorus:

You make the world a beautiful place to be (2xs)
And I never want to see you go
Yours is the only world I want to know
You make the world a beautiful place to be

It’s amazing how music can just speak, no matter the language or communication barrier. And it helps that she was loving my favorite artist. Music truly does make the world a beautiful place.

If you'd like to sponsor Roselore- you can sponsor her for $30 a month or make a one time donation.

Check out Tyrone's Music Video:

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Priscilla Chauser said...

Praying for Roselore and her seizures. So awesome that Tyrone is heard even in Haiti!!