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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Branch

The Branch

I praise you God for being my: BRANCH.

“In that day the Branch of the Lord will be beautiful and glorious.” –Isaiah 4:2

The branch has been extended for me to come back to Haiti to help build branches… to help others take root in Haiti. To build connection to the people here for sponsorship and funding of the programs for NWHCM.

This program is called The Family Tree (http://nwhcm.org/).
It’s a really cool new way to connect with the child that you sponsor. It gives you access to how they are doing on a somewhat-regular basis. It shows pictures and gives updates- more than most giving programs that update you once a year.

Amber and I are working to update all of the photos for everyone within our programs at our Saint Louis du Nord and La Baie campuses.
My devotional for this on September 14th was perfect.

No matter where we go, He will comfort us with His loving grace.

This family tree sponsorship program will allow the children, people, and programs of the mission to be covered- to hopefully become fully sponsored.

God’s mercies never dry up. His “branches” will always reach far enough to cover.

Lord- I pray for the family tree of NWHCM. That is will be fruitful and your abundance would be multiplied and poured out.
Lord- thank you for your continual covering grace and protection. The ways that you provide for me are beautiful and glorious.

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