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Monday, September 23, 2013

Wonderful Counselor

September 17, 2013

Today my devotional today was about God being a wonderful counselor. It couldn't be more perfect for the day we are finishing out.

“And He will be called a Wonderful Counselor” –Isaiah 9:6

I was in our staff lounge, not feeling too well, exhausted and tired mainly. I had just laid down to rest when I heard what sounded like blood-curdling screams let out. I ran out of the staff lounge to the balcony overlooking the Miriam Center. They knew. They had been told. About an hour and a half prior we received the news that one of our precious lower-functioning children of the Miriam Center had gotten sick and could not be revived.
It is devastating. I had seen her every day since I had been here and would always hold her hand and greet her with a hello and a brush of hand against her cheek. She would light right up and give you the biggest smile.

The mamas of the MC had just finished dressing her and doing her hair and then their wailing began. Apparently that is how they mourn here in Haiti. Letting out loud screams and they let them out for about five minutes.  

Most big funerals in Haiti go on for about three hours and they consist of the constant screams of why’s. Tomorrow we will hold a small service and then walk to the cemetery for burial.

Tonight in my devotional it was perfect for what we/I needed.

He is there to counsel you with arms of love. Rest in Me and soon you will see the clouds disappear. Trust Me today.

The Lord is there with listening ears and compassionate eyes. With discerning thought and gentle affirmation- He speaks directly to the issues in my life.

Thank you Lord for always being there.

God is never the author of confusion. His counsel is 100% accurate.
As sad as it is to lose a precious, innocent child- God is present and is there. He is with her now and she is of full body and mind and smiling her ever-bright smile. She is made perfect.

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Priscilla Chauser said...

so proud of you being there to be a comfort and a light to all the kids mourning!