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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2nd Day of Camp... SWIM DAY... 7/9/08

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Today was SWIM DAY at camp and the kids always love it. We bus the kids to a state pool in Philadelphia and they get to swim for about an hour. Most of the kids can’t afford to go swimming, so Albert (camp director) or interns will sponsor some of them. So after asking Albert what the needs of the camp are he really said the swimming cost because it is $7 a week, a dollar up from last year and it was all an issue last year. Sometimes about half the amount of kids from the day before will show up because they cannot afford swim day. So I decided to use between $200-250 to sponsor the kids so it will only cost the $5 per day for the remaining of camp. I also want to do the same thing for our little kids camp, Camp Saved. I just want to help and am happy to help where I am needed.

I hung out at UP after camp and helped Jeri paint some squares for some quilts she’s making and then I hung out in the east girl’s house and did some walk homes with Sean today. If the kids live more than five minutes away they get walked home on east side and so I tagged along with Sean because they aren’t suppose to go alone. Sean is an APU student who is an intern for the older kids camp, Camp Spirit. Sean and I had some really good long talks walking the kids home and then walking back to the camp, it was my first time meeting him officially here in Camden although I knew who he was back at APU. After hanging out some more, Molly and I decided to go to 7-11 to grab something to drink, when we walked out of it was pouring rain and we got drenched.

Not too long after getting soaked we had choir practice tonight and it went a little bit over out time limit, God Bless Cleveland. We have a performance on Sunday in north New Jersey and it is about two hours away. Practice went really well, we went over a lot of songs.

Afterwards we finally went to Friendly’s and it was quite interesting, but also so much fun! To have some real food was amazing too. We went back to UP and had a mini-dance party and then Jeri drove me home.

That’s all for now. Love you all.


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