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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New York City... 7/12/08

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh Brady!
Yeah Josh, Yeah!

NEW YORK CITY… oh, what fun!

All of the interns who wanted to go left UP on the Urban Bus and we arrived in New York within two hours and were dropped off near Times Square and had 10 hour to explore the cd.

Our friend Sophie had never been to NY before since she’s from England and so we took her to the classic big Times Square stores like M&M and MTV and then we took her to get some real “kicks” at the Champs store. She was totally here to shop it up. 

We then hopped on the subway and went to Chinatown and wandered and shopped around for a couple of hours. I bought some stuff my dad asked me to get (2 FDNY hats and then 1 shirt and then 2 New York shot glasses), an MTV shirt for my dad, and then I bought a pair of sunglasses. We then took Sophie back to Times Square to meet up with some other interns because they were going to go to a show.

Molly and I decided that we wanted to go to the Bronx and explore the culture and everything and see how it compared to Camden so we hopped on the subway. We took the 1 until it stopped and asked these two cool police and subway attendants where we could go and they were really nice and helpful and then Molly and I hopped onto the 2 and then transferred to the 4 and got off on Fardom Street in the Bronx.

Molly and I wondered around and went in a couple of shops, I even bought two skirts for $8 each and Molly bought some cherry water ice and we shared and then we headed back towards Time Square on the 4. We thought that Camden was a lot like Bronx and had some very rural areas and run down areas and a lot of things going on.

We got back next to Central Park and walked through the park a little bit and even watched a little show of street dancers and then we walked a few more blocks and found a nice little bar and grill and pulled up a seat. We decided to order a drink and just share an appetizer sampler platter. The drinks were a little off, but the food was so good and then after we waited for awhile for our check, we left and hopped on the subway towards Barnes and Noble. 

Due to construction we had to get off the subway early and book it ten blocks because it was getting really close to 8pm and I was determined to go to the BN in New York, I had been looking forward to it for, forever. We made it there only to realize that I had left my pay stub in my other wallet… but luckily the café manager let me use my numbers. Halleluah!

We then hussled four blocks and catch the subway back and after we got onto the street, there was the urban bus. Everyone was meeting about a block and a half way, so Molly and I had a photoshoot in the bus while we waited for everyone. Then we back the two hour bus ride back and tried to sleep. We arrived back at Urban at around 10:30pm and then we began to hang out…

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Alyssa said...

omg new york!! i'm so jealous!!! the pic of the naked cowboy is hilarious. i just read an article about him on the internet...he's like suing M&Ms for using his likeness in a commercial. lol out of control. glad to see that you are having a good time!! i want to see pics of cute camden kids!!