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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th Day of Camp... 7/11/08

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Today I spent time at camp and helped Willie in his Bible class and we played a get to know you game. I also spent some time in Rachel’s art class where they listened to music and drew what they felt or saw when they heard a song. I have noticed that one of my kids (Tony) hasn’t been at camp and I’ve been missing seeing him around I guess he’s been lazy about getting up for camp and I found out that his cousin always makes fun of him too and puts him down, which saddens me because I love him and his cousin. They’re sweet kids on most days. Also Raf has been

After camp I took the StreetLeader bus as it took the streetleaders home and then it headed back to Urban. I was on that bus for about an hour and a half and I fell asleep on the ride back to Urban. I hung out at Urban for awhile and took everyone’s dinner orders because I was going to buy dinner for our staff night and then I went back to Cleve’s and order dinner online and then took a quick shower.

Cleve dropped me back off at Urban and then Albert, Kelsey, Rachel, and I went to the Moorsetown to pick up the food and we got lost on the way back, but finally made it back and ate those yummy burritos. Spirit and Faith were having their staff nights at Urban too and so we all just hung out and ate together and then we just talked and then there were some rounds of “Spoons”. There was more computer lab time and then I listened to Sean playing some music on the piano. It was quite a nice evening until my arm started throbbing from leaning a huge water jug on my arm for the little kids of Camp Faith and Spirit so that they could have some water after their basketball practice.

I was originally suppose to hang out and spend the night at Urban since Autumn was flying back home, but I didn’t feel well and ended up getting a ride back to Cleve’s house.

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